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We regularly produce packaging that is more functional, appealing, and cost effective for our customers and their consumers, and more sustainable for the environment. Using the right amount of the most appropriate materials, we are focused on increasing the volume of packaging that is recycled and reused. 



Method liquid laundry detergent bottle

As the industry’s first liquid laundry detergent bottle made of 100% postconsumer recycled (PCR) polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin, the Amcor Method Laundry Detergent Bottle won Diamond awards in the Technological Advancement, Responsible Packaging and Enhanced User Experience categories. Developed by our Rigid Plastics group, this sleek, 53-ounce transparent custom container successfully answered the compatibility and colour stability challenges of using PET in the liquid laundry detergent market.

Amcor’s Advanced Sustainability Stewardship Evaluation Tool (ASSET™) lifecycle assessment tool demonstrated that using 100% PCR resin reduces the bottle’s life cycle energy consumption by 78% and its carbon footprint by 35% compared to a virgin PET alternative.



This year, Amcor launched AmLite Ultra, a transparent, metal-free packaging solution with a high barrier. AmLite Ultra is the latest addition to Amcor’s broader AmLite line, which comprises metal-free films that are exceptional for high-barrier packaging. Using Amcor’s Ultra SiOx coating, Amlite Ultra has an oxygen barrier comparable to that of aluminium.

AmLite products also offer a significant environmental benefit by reducing material use. According to ASSET, AmLite has a 40% smaller carbon footprint, some of which is due to its 21% lighter weight. AmLite Ultra can be used for a range of ambient dry food products, as well as medical and personal care products in a variety of pack formats, including bags, stand up pouches and spouted pouches, flow packs, sachets, and more.



Amcor Rigid Plastics won a WorldStar Award for developing Pandora, a 22-gram hot-fill PET bottle with a design inspired by tea leaves. The ergonomic, costeffective and sustainable bottle was designed for key customer Pepsico-Lipton’s 500mL tea drink for the Central American market. Even as one of the lightest commercialized hot-fill containers in the world, Pandora is exceptionally rigid because of a specialised base that flexes as the body of the bottle cools. The bottle’s unique curved design uses 30% less PET and fits comfortably in a consumer’s hand. The material reduction results in a range of benefits including a dramatically smaller environmental footprint through recyclability and reducing the amount of energy required to make the bottle. The Pandora bottle also received recognition from the A’Design Awards’ World Design Rankings, which showcases the best and most creative designs worldwide.


Formpack Ultra

Formpack® Ultra is a cold form blister product with greater elongation than standard cold form solutions. With product cavities that can be drawn deeper and with sharper wall angles than was previously possible, pharmaceutical companies can design smaller blister cards or add more cavities without increasing the blister card size. The smaller cavities also provide better product protection, shelf life, and stability

Formpack® Ultra’s superior performance is an outcome of “best-in-class” selection of raw materials, advanced manufacturing processes, and extensive quality control. By making more efficient use of material, Formpack® Ultra reduces changeovers and lowers associated setup waste at the customer’s site. These factors result in a lower carbon footprint and a decreased total cost of ownership.



Amcor Tobacco Packaging launched Sunshine in 2015, a new printing technology that delivers a highly reflective metallic effect without the use of metal layers. Not only does this technology allow for a simpler supply chain and improved packaging line performance, it delivers environmental benefits including decreased GHG emissions, water consumption, and fossil fuel consumption.