• Dessiflex®

    Amcor’s FPA Award winning Dessiflex®

    • Amcor's FPA Award winning Dessiflex® integrates desiccant particles into the sealing layer using a solventless coextrusion coating process. This technology eliminates the need for sachets and other moisture scavengers thus decreasing costs related to purchasing and storing desiccant sachets while reducing operational complexity by eliminating the steps of inserting the traditional desiccant sachets.

      Combined with foil substrates, Dessiflex® laminated structures protect sensitive medical and diagnostic devices from damaging ambient exposure.   In addition to providing excellent gas and moisture barrier properties, the product diminishes headspace relative humidity to less than 10% within five days and will not release moisture back to the product.

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      Dessiflex® (solid grey line) drives moisture levels to 5% within 15 days. Moisture levels continue to 3% over five years, even under extreme heat.
  • FlexiForm™

    FlexiForm™ Pre-formed Trays, a flexible alternative to traditional rigid trays.

    • By using our commercial family of heavy gauge forming films and our thermoforming partners, FlexiForm™ trays are suitable for basic, multi-compartment, and cavitated trays creating a custom solution typical of rigid trays. These robust films are capable of deep draws that form around your device, providing more forgiving protection to your product, while reducing space and waste at the same time.
      • Savings through down-gauge with comparable product protection
      • Formulated with industry-standard resins minimizing reliance on a single polymer
      • Bridges the transition from manual to automated packaging with one material combination
      • Available in 17mil to 26mil in nylon and ionomer formulations delivering rigidity, toughness and clarity
      • Years of commercial success in FFS and skin packaging applications for medical device manufacturers

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  • Quickvent™

    Amcor’s line of Quickvent™ pouches

    • Amcor's line of Quickvent™ pouches combine our wide breadth of film and lamination offerings with a long-standing history of vented packaging solutions. Utilizing Amcor's industry leading laminate technologies and our expertise in uncoated vent systems, Quickvent™ offers efficient ETO gas sterilization and outgassing with a focus on lowering your overall material cost. Vents are available in a variety of configurations to meet your sterilization cycle needs.

      Reduced breathable surface

      • Optimizes material usage and simplifies pouch design
      • Reduces cost of the total package

      Poly-Poly Seals

      • Easily repeatable peel strength
      • Zero risk of fiber tear

      Removes need for heat seal coating

      • Increases breathability of package compared to coated substrates
      • More sustainable than coated full web pouches

      Improved Print Clarity

      • Printing on a smooth, uniform poly surface boosts clarity
      • Trap printing beneath layers of film increases smudge and abrasion resistance

      Pouches are available in peelable and non-peelable constructions & clear/clear or white/clear appearance.

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  • Fortis™

    Amcor’s patent pending Fortis™ breather bag

    • Amcor’s patent pending Fortis™ breather bag delivers strength and tear resistance to handle sharp, heavy and bulky packs, while uncoated Tyvek® headers offer increased porosity and reduced sterilization cycle times and Core-Peel® infused films result in fiber-free, clean peels every time.
      • Aseptic presentation and improved header opening for end user convenience
      • White seal evidence when header is peeled open by user
      • Uncoated header strip for improved breathability and reduction in cycle and aeration time for Ethylene Oxide sterilization
      • Eliminates particulate generated from heat seal coatings
      • Fused permanent seal area at top of bag
      • No “step-down” areas under header strip found in coated header bags
      • Potential to down gauge current film by using a stronger nylon film

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