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Materials for aeronautical applications

Functionlised polymers for aerospace applications. More >

Materials for agricultural & horticultural applications

From greenhouse liners to seed packaging, a range of functionalised films for agricultural & horticultural applications. More >

Materials for automotive applications

Funtional films & laminations for automotive applications. More >

Materials for building & construction

Functional films & laminations for building and construction applications such as insulation and roofing. More >

Materials for energy applications

Functional films and laminates for energy generation applications, such as solar cells and energy conservation applications, such as insulation. More >

Materials for manufacturing cable strip & cable ducts

Laminates for the manufacture of cable strips and ducts. More >

Materials for manufacturing security devices

Functional films and laminates for credit cards, access cards and other security cards as well as laminates for passport covers and other identification documents.  More >

Materials for packaging converters

Film and other components for packaging converters More >