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The Stelvin® screw cap closure for wine was created in the 1960s and is now the global leader.

Stelvin® is a packaging concept which combines a glass finish known as BVS, specific head-space & capping conditions and highly technical liners which are tailor-made for wine, resulting in a superior quality.

The Stelvin® concept offers many benefits for wine makers & wine lovers alike:

  • Absence of cork taint resulting in a reduction in wine spoilage versus other closure systems
  • Consistency from one bottle to another
  • Preservation of aromas, flavors and freshness
  • A wide range of closures, allowing for intricate design options
  • Easy to open and to close

The Stelvin® range

A wide range of Stelvin® wine closures is available, with multiple options. Starting with the entry-level Stelvin® closure, the range extends to the Stelvin®Lux+ that offers the most sophisticated printing and appearance. Stelvin® P is a closure specifically designed for lightly sparkling wines.

The Stelvin® and Stelvin®+ closures can be fitted with one of the four Stelvin® Inside liners or a Saran™ Tin or Saranex™ liner can be used.

Stelvin®Lux closures can be fitted with a Saran™ Tin or Saranex™ liner.

Stelvin® P closures are fitted with a liner specifically designed for the pressure associated with sparkling wines.

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Colour Sprint by Stelvin®

Colour Sprint by Stelvin®, is a new range and fast service for closures 30x60, with Saranex™ liner.

  • 24 colours - classic and trendy
  • Available in 2 weeks
  • Competitive price
  • Guaranteed by STELVIN®
Please note, this range is only currently available in Europe.


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Choose the optimal oxygen transmission rate for your wine

Stelvin® Inside is a full range of closure liners for wine offering:

    • Targeted OTRs with low level of oxygen dispersion
    • Consistency from one bottle to the next
    • Improved value

Stelvin® Inside is the only wine closure solution offering low, medium and high barrier permeability. We manufacture all of the films used by our development partner MGJ to make the liners.

Our Stelvin® Inside range of four liners multiplies a wine maker's choice in terms of oxygen transmission levels through the closure.

Stelvin® continues to be available with Saran™ Tin and Saranex™ liners in addition to the Stelvin® Inside range

Diagram showing the different layers in the 4 different Stelvin Inside liners 


Using Life Cycle Assessments to quantify and track progress

We use Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to provide insights on the relative environmental impacts (from both the packaged product and the packaging) at every stage of a product's journey.

These assessments are based on the ISO 14040 life cycle assessment standard and are performed using our proprietary tool, ASSETTM.

Stelvin®: an asset for sustainable consumption

According to the Quantis 2010 LCA study a bottle closure (whatever the material) accounts for between only 0.001% to 3% of a bottle of wine' s total environmental impact.

Just a small amount of wine spoilage due to cork taint has a much higher environmental impact than the production of the bottle closure.

Alufoil Closures Group

We are proud to be part of the Alufoil Closures Group and the Turn 360° campaign.

The leading manufacturers of aluminium closures launched the pan-European "Aluminium Closures - Turn 360°" campaign to enhance public awareness about the advantages of aluminium closures.

The campaign, organised through the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA), presents closures made of aluminium as a more sustainable, intelligent and economic alternative to other closure systems. Aluminium closures offer many benefits in areas such as preserving wine taste and quality, sustainability and recycling, convenience, technology, cost efficiency, and design options.

Providing easy-to-grasp information and the latest scientific findings regarding sustainability, the aluminium closure industry clearly demonstrates the superior characteristics of aluminium closures.Visit for more information.

Stelvin® in film

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