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Plastic bottles are not only convenient, lightweight and shatter resistant, but they also offer expanded new use occasions where glass is normally prohibited, such as in airlines or outdoor events (stadiums, concerts, picnics, boating etc.)

We offer a variety of premium PET wine bottles in sizes to meet all of your needs - everything from a single serve 187 mL to a multi-serve 1.5 L.

Barrier technology

Our premium PET wine bottles offer a unique barrier coating technology developed by Germany’s KHS Plasmax GmbH. This glass-like material seals the bottle from the inside allowing it to protect the contents from oxidation and keep your product at its finest.

Plasmax is an FDA-compliant enhanced passive barrier for oxygen-sensitive products. This ultra thin (less than 100 nm) material is not only transparent but also resists cracking, abrasion, and delamination as well. It does not degrade over time nor does it limit the storage time for empty bottles. The barrier coating is easily removed during the recycling process and does not contaminate the recycling system either.

The shelf life of wine in PET bottles can be 1 to 2 years depending on the size of the bottle, type of wine, closure, filling conditions etc. Most wine is consumed within 24 hours of purchase, which makes PET bottle suitable for many types of wines.

Switching from glass to PET

Our premium PET wine bottles preserve the look of glass and can typically be run on existing glass filling lines,  for ease of efficiency and process.

Wineries who have made the switch report that consumers have embraced the high quality look and feel of our premium PET wine bottles. They also enjoy the convenience of the bottle's portability and reduced risk of breakage.

Product range

Stock bottles

We manufacture a range of standard bottles and offer a short lead time.View the range >

Custom bottles

We can design and manufacture a custom PET wine bottle to suit your specific product and marketing requirements. Please send an enquiry to see how we can work together.

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