• Overview

    Overview of Amcor Specialty Cartons

    • Key Products

      We produce various standard and complex speciality carton packaging solutions:

      • Hinge-lid cartons
      • Speciality pack formats
      • Shells and slides
      • Display cartons
      • RYO (roll your own) booklet covers
      • Inner frames
      • Soft label paper packs
      • Bundle wraps (paper and film)
      • Inserts and labels

      Key Production Technologies

      ​We combine our high-quality production techniques with an understanding of our customers’ needs and packing machines.
      • Rotogravure printing
      • Offset printing
      • Embossing and debossing
      • Hot-foil stamping
      • UV curing
      • Cutting, creasing, slitting
      • Serial coding
      • Pre-press artwork production

      Key Services

      From product concept all the way to final production, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to provide a full range of services:
      • Market research
      • Concept development
      • Packaging design Technical drawings (CAD)
      • Feasibility testing
      • 3D renderings
      • Mock-ups
      • Pre-press services
      • New technology research
      • High quality production
  • Innovation Centre

    Innovation Centre

    • We have an Innovation Centre for tobacco packaging to support our customers in successfully differentiating their products in the market. We transform ideas into pack formats, innovative materials, functional mock ups and printed samples. Finally we convert them into industrial packaging solutions.

      The mission of the Innovation Centre is to offer a "one-stop-shop" from idea generation to production of high quality tobacco packaging. Our Innovation Centre consists of technically skilled engineers covering all aspects of printing and converting for the tobacco packaging business.

      Graphical design, pack shapes, special printing features and embossing are some of the options which our team members are eager to take on.

      In order to provide our customers with the best service possible, our specialists are able to offer a complete “turn key” project management service, including:

      • idea and concept development
      • proof of concept
      • prototypes
      • feasibility and testing
      • printing and converting

      Co-packing solutions can also be provided.

      View some of the pack formats available

  • Pre-Press

    Pre-press capabilities within our Innovation Centre

    • Our Tobacco Packaging‘s Pre-Press team is where packaging designs are converted for production, according to the technical requirements of any printing technique (gravure, flexo, offset).

      Combining know-how in both pre-press areas; vector and image data, and the latest technology in hardware and software, our team is able to provide the highest possible service.

      Our state of the art proofing facilities will offer the highest quality standards in digital as well as analogue techniques. Artwork services complete our team.

      Close communication with our customers in cooperation with our Product Development results in optimal digital innovative solutions.

  • CAD & mock ups

    Innovation Centre - CAD and mock up capabilities

    • Our Tobacco Packaging Innovation Centre includes Computer Aided Design (CAD) with expertise in structural pack design and prototyping.

      Development of new pack shapes and functionalities is made possible by combining experience and creativity with specialized software and hardware.

      Digital 3D-animations present the visual proof of the touchable result. Providing this result as a mock-up, which can be completed with added value possibilities such as hot foil stamping, structural embossing, special inks and much more, can be realised in any pre-production stage.

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