• Overview

    Overview of Rigid Plastics

    • With more than 6000 people in 60 manufacturing operations in 13 countries, we are the leading supplier of consumer-driven rigid plastic packaging for the world’s most popular brands in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal / homecare industries.

      We are also leading supplier of plastic packaging to the global pharmaceutical industry and supply plastic containers to the food and personal/home care market.

      Designs that jump off the shelf

      Whether your project involves unique shapes, specialised features, innovative finishes – or just about anything else you can dream up, we’ll work with you to understand your brand, your business challenges, and your desires and develop a solution that balances these needs.


      Combining trends in aesthetics, consumer life styles and sustainability with your brand and company objectives, we create a visual mnemonic that represents the design brief.

      Advanced visualisation

      Using state-of-the art CAD design and rendering software, our team is able to quickly explore “what if?” scenarios and provide alternatives. Producing photo-realistic renderings, even in use and retail environments enables us to help understand your finished product in context.

      Powerful prototyping

      For many products, real-world focus group testing or review by key stakeholders is best accomplished with a prototype that’s virtually the real thing. We can supply a wide range of prototypes to meet your testing and research needs – quickly and cost-effectively.

      Driving Innovation

      Our innovation focus is in four areas:

      Thermal stability

      Many of today’s most demanding applications require hot-fill capabilities and our full line of solutions support this need. Panel-less containers offer outstanding hot-fill performance and enable beautiful aesthetics.

      Wide range of sizes and shapes

      Our comprehensive line of stock containers can fill a wide range of needs quickly and cost-effectively. These stock lines can also be easily customised to meet specific application and aesthetic needs.

      Barrier properties

      Great packaging not only keeps the contents in, but oxygen and other elements that degrade the product out. Our advanced solutions ensure the barrier properties your products demand.


      The most innovative packaging solutions are worthless unless they can be manufactured and distributed in a way that makes good business sense. Our lightweighting capabilities can help reduce resin demands, finished container weight, and still perform exceptionally.

  • Beverages

    PET bottles for beverages

    • We offer over 100 hot fill and cold fill Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) stock bottles for carbonated beverages, waters, juices, teas and sports drinks. Our stock program includes a variety of shapes and sizes to fill your entire line of beverage products.

      For a custom beverage container, our process begins with highly skilled industrial designers, a pencil, a piece of paper and an idea (or many ideas). Our designers take inspiration from everywhere – the intricacies of nature to the power of machinery as well as the latest trends in the marketplace – to create durable, lightweight, unique and differentiated bottles.

      Beyond design, we are unique in the rigid plastics industry:


      • pioneered the development of PET heat set technology, which allows beverages to be filled up to 185 °F (85 °C) to ensure product quality and extended shelf life.

      • offer a variety of resin materials, including PET, Polypropylene (PP) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

      • provide a variety of barrier options, including mono and multi-layer barrier materials as well as coating technologies, to protect your products against moisture, oxygen, light, or carbon dioxide permeation.

      • utilise a range of manufacturing platforms, including injection stretch blow molding, extrusion blow molding, and compression forming, to fit each packaging requirement.

      With this vast array of packaging options, we make branding your products a simple and exciting prospect!

      Learn how we used a unique mix of techniques to deliver a one-of-a-kind hot fill container for Crystal Geyser's premium iced tea.

      View our range of beverage bottles

      Download our hot fill stock container catalog

      Download our cold fill stock container catalog

  • Food

    Rigid plastic containers for food products

    • We offer blow moulded and extrusion moulded plastic containers for a variety of food applications, including salad dressings, marinades, BBQ sauces, pasta sauces, salsa,  apple & fruit sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, peanut butter, and others.

      Our industry leading technology is evident in our wide array of product offerings, including:

      • A full range of materials, including PET, PP and HDPE, in both single layer and multilayer format
      • A premium stock line of panel-less hot fill PET packages, that utilise Amcor’s PowerFlexTM technology, in ring neck, long neck and dome styles, available in 12 oz, 16 oz,  and 20 oz sizes.
      • Multiple barrier options, including Amosorb, Poliprotect and Plasmax, to provide optimal packaging solution that meet our customers’ expectations for shelf life and cost savings.
      • Our Gamma multilayer capability provides package solutions in retorted food categories such as nutritional drinks and baby food.
      • The modular mould designed for stock packages, making brand differentiation at low cost a reality.

      View our range of stock containers for food products

  • Pharma

    Rigid containers, closures and tips for pharmaceuticals

    • We are one of the world's leading suppliers of rigid plastics packaging to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We offer multi-material and multi-process services, including:

      • Package design and development
      • Graphic design
      • Mould engineering and production
      • Plastic resin selection
      • Sampling and production

      We design and develop stock and custom packages using multiple thermoplastic resins. Our in-house design, machinery and mold services provide speed-to-market control and flexibility.

      Our advanced manufacturing capabilities include Injection Blow Moulding (IBM) in Class 100,000 clean rooms, specialised finishing and assemblies, data based continuous improvement, automated high speed production and just-in-time delivery.

      Key products include a full line of stock bottles in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and resin types, as well as custom and stock injection molded closures and fitments.

      Learn more about our bottles for pharmaceuticals

      Learn more about our closures, caps and tips for pharmaceuticals

  • Spirits, Beer, Wine

    Plastic bottles for spirits, wine & beer

    • Packaging with distinction to highlight your fine brands – this is what we offer our customers. We offer a variety of technologies to enhance your brand – from shapes and sizes to designs and decoration.

      • For distilled spirits, we have a broad range of stock and custom PET containers, ranging in sizes from 50 mL to 1.75 L in round and flask shapes
      • For fine wines, our barrier technology protects your products for oxygen and provided the shelf like you expect
      • For beers and flavored alcoholic beverages, we provide 375 mL, and 12 and 16 ounce PET containers along with capabilities for barrier protection and pasteurizable processing
      • For all your packaging needs, the modular mould designed for stock packages to make brand differentiation at low cost a reality.

      More information about our PET wine bottles

      View our range of stock bottles for spirits, wine & beer

  • LiquiForm™

    The LiquiForm™ 1 step blow & fill technology

    • LiquiFormTM is a breakthrough blow molding and filling manufacturing technology which uses consumable, pressurized liquid instead of compressed air to form plastic containers.

      By combining the bottle forming and filling processes into one step, this game-changing technology eliminates numerous manufacturing steps, significantly reducing cost and waste. As a result, the manufacturing process is more environmentally efficient compared to traditional blow molding and filling operations, offering customers the most efficient method to get their products to consumers at the store shelf.

      Learn more about LiquiForm™ by visiting the Liquiform website

  • Other

    Plastic containers for personal & home care products

    • From round to oval shapes, in a multitude of sizes, we have the container for your packaging requirements. We offer an array of PET, HDPE and PP container for your personal and home care product line.

      We are the industry leader in rigid packaging that includes Post-Consumer Resin (PCR), a material manufactured from bottles that are collected through recycling or deposit programs, super-cleaned and converted back into commercial resin.

      For our Personal and Home Care line, we also offer NyCycleTM resin, a non food-grade material ideal for this market segment.

      View our range of stock bottles for personal & home care products

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