STELVIN® is a closure system specially designed for wine, combining an aluminium closure, a specific BVS bottle neck finish, and a range of specific liners and closure conditions.


For estates looking for an elegant design to best reflect the excellence of their wines, STELVIN® has developed STELVIN® LUX, a closure with no external thread.

STELVIN®LUX offers a more sophisticated appearance and a larger surface for decoration.

Thanks to a plastic insert that reproduces the internal structure of the STELVIN® Original closure, the STELVIN® LUX closure does away with external threading and gives it an unequalled premium design.

This technology enables a smoother opening of the closure which in turn optimizes the consumer experience. STELVIN® LUX closures can be combined with Saran™Tin or Saranex™ liners and offer similar customization possibilities to STELVIN® Original.