• Overview

    Overview of flexible packaging for food

    • We supply flexible packaging solutions to many of the largest fresh and processed food suppliers in the world. 

      We offer innovative packaging for:

      • Fresh foods such as meat, fish, bread, produce and dairy.
      • Processed foods such as confectionery, snack foods, coffee and ready meals.

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  • Bakery

    Flexible packaging for bakery products

  • Beverages

    Flexible packaging for beverages

  • Dairy

    Flexible packaging for dairy products

    • Whatever your dairy packaging challenge, we provide flexible dairy packaging solutions for optimal freshness, increased customer convenience, excellent on-shelf differentiation and reduced environmental impact.

      Learn more about our dairy products packaging

  • Chilled

    Flexible packaging for chilled meat, seafood and fresh ready meals

    • Our packaging expertise can help extend the shelf life and safeguard the quality of your chilled products through the whole distribution chain.

      On the shelf, we can help you differentiate your products in the highly competitive retail environment. Our unique, proprietary solutions attract consumers’ attention in store and meet their demands for convenience features, such as easy opening and reclose-ability.

      We offer a wide range of technologies and printing facilities and are constantly developing new solutions to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.

      Learn more about our packaging for chilled meat, seafood and fresh ready meals.

  • Produce

    Flexible packaging for fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Processed

    Flexible packaging for processed food

  • Frozen

    Flexible packaging for frozen food

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