• LifeSpan® Packaging

    LifeSpan® Packaging extends the shelf life of produce, keeping it harvest fresh from orchard to market and extending storage life.

    • Storage Life Extension of Fresh Produce

      LifeSpan Box Liners, Bin Liners and Pallet Shrouds are an innovation in post-harvest packaging that extend the storage and marketing life of fresh produce. Used commercially for over 15 years, Amcor through its LifeSpan product range, leads the world in bulk Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). MAP is an important packaging component for many of the world's leading fresh produce exporters.

      Costs, Sales and Quality Advantages

      LifeSpan's Modified Atmosphere packaging delivers cost-savings on behalf of fresh produce-growing and packing communities and also enables the delivery of high quality produce to distant markets.

      The cutting edge technology developed by LifeSpan enables perishable products like cherries to be transported by sea-freight, rather than by more costly air freight, whilst maintaining quality standards. During times of over-supply, many users are able to store fresh produce until market demand recovers.

      LifeSpan has strong environmental credentials

      When LifeSpan products are used responsibly to extend the post harvest life of fresh produce, the net impact on the natural environment is very positive. More >

  • About Lifespan®

    Amcor and LifeSpan have been involved in passive modified atmosphere packaging longer than any other organisation.

    • History

      LifeSpan® technology was born in Australia within ICI in conjunction with the Victorian and NSW Departments of Agriculture in 1991. Since that time the product range and technology of LifeSpan has expanded into several packaging formats for an ever growing product range that now also includes the innovative TearFlex pallet shroud and bin liner formats for most fresh produce varieties.


      Amcor acquired the LifeSpan business in 1995 and it has since blossomed into one of the leading MAP brands globally with an ever increasing product range.

      Amcor Flexibles propelled LifeSpan onto the world stage under its overall stewardship and guidance. LifeSpan became the leading bulk Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) brand, known worldwide for its reliability, excellent service and continuous innovation.


      The global appeal and ease of use is why LifeSpan now has such a commanding presence in the major produce markets worldwide. Packers and exporters alike point to its overall quality performance and the cost savings obtained.


      To ensure thorough service and support for the products, the LifeSpan product range is sold through a network of agents based in most major produce growing regions. Customers are further supported by specialist LifeSpan sales and technical staff who regularly visit key markets. They are able to train packers new to LifeSpan products and discuss technical or logistics issues with existing users. Agents and lifespan staff also help with monitoring the performance of our products during the packing operation and at destinations after shipping.

      More Information

      Holding all the key MAP Patents, Amcor pioneered MAP technology in fresh produce since its inception in the mid 1980’s in both retail and bulk packaging applications. LifeSpan packaging is Amcor’s brand for bulk packaging and P Plus is Amcor’s brand for MAP retail applications.

      P Plus More >
      MAP technology More >
  • Technology

    The fundamental purpose of LifeSpan® packaging is to extend the post harvest storage life of the fresh produce.

    • Technology Principle

      After harvest, fresh produce is cut off from its supply of nutrients. However the produce continues to respire, absorbing in oxygen O2 and releasing carbon dioxide CO2 plus some water vapour H2O and other volatile organic compounds. The respiratory process involves conversion of stored nutrients to produce energy that keeps the fresh produce alive and able to resist disease. However at the time of harvest, the produce is cut off from its supply of nutrients and can only continue its respiratory process until the stored nutrients are exhausted.

      Thus to extend the post harvest storage life of fresh produce, the rate at which the nutrients are converted to energy must be slowed. In turn, this means the respiration rate of the produce must be slowed. LifeSpan achieves this by creating a modified atmosphere inside the LifeSpan package that slows the respiration rate. In most cases, LifeSpan uses the produce respiration to actually modify the atmosphere. Thus the LifeSpan product does not require gas flushing or any other special processes to work satisfactorily.

      In all applications, LifeSpan products allow the creation of a reduced O2 and elevated CO2 atmosphere that slows respiration of the packaged produce. More information is available at How LifeSpan MAP Works.

      Additional Technology Factors

      Several additional factors must be considered when utilising LifeSpan technology: LifeSpan products are always designed to be used within a specific temperature range. This temperature range is printed on the LifeSpan product. The temperature refers to the pulp temperature of the packaged produce. At times, this can be very different from the surrounding air temperature. More information is available at Need for Temperature Control.

      Ethylene is a ripening hormone for some varieties of fresh produce. For those varieties that are sensitive to ethylene, it is critical that the actions of ethylene are suppressed. Whilst some MAP products absorb ethylene as a method of controlling its impact, LifeSpan technology suppresses the effect of ethylene within the cells of the fresh produce. More information is available at Eliminating Ethylene Sensitivity.

      Whilst the primary action of LifeSpan is to suppress respiration rates and thus increase storage life for fresh produce, our products are also designed to take account of the full range of quality factors that can cause quality deterioration in fresh produce. More information is available at Effects of other Degradation Processes.
  • Product Range

    LifeSpan® technology is used for a wide range of fresh produce varieties. There are also different packaging formats available for most produce types.

    • Product Range

      LifeSpan packaging adds value to a range of fruit and vegetable types by maintaining optimum quality throughout the distribution chain and allowing more cost effective and flexible storage and transport options. More >

      Click below to download a summary of the main LifeSpan product range applications:

      LifeSpan for Organics

      LifeSpan packaging has been used around the world to pack organic produce offering the full range of benefits possible with MAP and further assistance where synthetic chemical treatments may not be permitted. More >

      LifeSpan and the Environment

      LifeSpan® products have a positive impact on the environment through reducing wastage of fresh produce. Additionally, LifeSpan products are designed to use minimal materials and energy in their manufacture and use. More>

  • Packaging Formats

    Some of the packaging formats we work with are....

    • LifeSpan Box liners

      LifeSpan® box liners are designed to be sealed with a unique clip seal system allowing fast and simple packing and consistent performance from carton to carton. More >

      LifeSpan TearFlex Box liners

      TearFlex™ box liners are an Amcor MAP innovation allowing fast and simple opening of the liner and removal of excess plastic for attractive retail display. They are packed in the same simple way as regular LifeSpan liners with opening initiated from the side of the liner. More >

      LifeSpan Bin Liners

      LifeSpan bin liners are in use with pomegranates. The format can be applied in other applications where produce has relatively low density. This is required to prevent heat build up inside the bin liner. More >

      LifeSpan Pallet Shrouds

      LifeSpan pallet shrouds offer the full range of MAP benefits and can be applied post packing and cooling for added advantage in packing efficiency. Sealed by application of a special adhesive tape for fast and consistent results. In certain situations mechanical stretch wrapping can be used. More >

      SUNVAC Heat Seal Box liners

      LifeSpan SUNVAC™ liners are an exciting new Amcor MAP range offering advantages to packers who require heat sealing. SUNVAC combines the quality benefits of MAP with excellent presentation of the produce inside the liner. More >

      Lifespan Clips

      LifeSpan clips are designed to provide an effective seal even when the fit is slightly loose due to

      the design of the internal lobes. Clip closure and release is simple, requires little training and is reliable and has been proven to provide excellent seal consistency.

  • Support

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    To inquire about the products and services found on our web site or at our distributors, contact us by phone or e-mail. All information will be kept private at all times.

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  • More About LifeSpan®

    In controlled trials, it has been shown that LifeSpan passive modified atmosphere technology is as effective, more efficient and less expensive than gas injected active modified atmosphere systems.

    • Recent Research

      Independent investigations involving LifeSpan Packaging products that have been reported recently.

      • Lifespan use with Table Grapes, ARC Infruitec South Africa. More >
      • Cherry Shelf-life Extension, Cornell University. More >
      • LifeSpan Packaging of Pears, Oregon State University. More >

      LifeSpan may be beneficial in suppressing a range of rot growths

      LifeSpan has made a major impact in reducing the wastage of fresh produce through the distribution chain.

      Amcor is also a leader in fresh produce retail applications using Modified Atmosphere Packaging. More >


      Pack your produce hot?

      LifeSpan pallet shrouds, which can be fitted after the final cooling process may be the perfect solution.

      Bin liners may be a great option in some cases. No propensity for damage from rough handling, but all the advantages that LifeSpan products offer.

      Pallets and bin shrouds are a solution for many industry participants who need to store fresh produce but do not have spare controlled atmosphere capacity.

      Lifespan products utilise highly engineered and specified film.

      Many users recover the cost of LifeSpan bags as a result of the reduction in produce weight loss during the distribution process. Then they gain the other benefits from LifeSpan at no extra cost.

      LifeSpan significantly increases the storage life of fresh produce when used correctly.

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