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Amcor Flexibles Personal & Home Care

By combining optimum package functionality with compelling visual effects, Amcor Flexibles can give your brand a unique identity that stands out from the competition. More >


Learn about our Wine Capsules & Spirits Capsules business and the broad range of closures and overcaps they offer the wine and spirits market. More >

Flexible Hospital Packaging

Amcor offers sterilisation packaging and other supplies used by hospital sterilisation units, from 3 manufacturing locations around the world. More >

Flexible Packaging for Medical Devices

An overview of our flexible packaging solutions for medical devices and how we meet the barrier, opening and sterilisation requirements unique to medical device packaging. More >

Amcor Flexibles Technical Specialties

From flame retardant insulating films to seed packaging, Amcor Flexibles has the material science know-how and broad technology base in laminating and film extrusion to address your product performance requirements. More >

Ceramis® high barrier films

Ceramis® is a technology by which a SiOx coating is applied to various types of substrates. This technology is used for demanding applications in both packaging and technical markets. More >

Flexible Packaging for Food & Beverage Products

We supply flexible packaging solutions to many of the largest fresh and processed food suppliers in the world. We offer innovative packaging for: Fresh foods such as meat, fish, bread, produce and dairy. Processed foods such as confectionery, snack foods, coffee and ready meals. Beverages such as coffee, tea and other dry beverages. More >

Flexible Pharmaceutical Packaging

Amcor is a global manufacturer of flexible pharmaceutical packaging, including barrier laminations for pharmaceuticals packaged in sachets, stick packs, strip packs and blister packs.More >