• Overview

    Flexibles Asia Pacific

    • Amcor's  Flexibles Asia Pacific business sources flexible packaging products manufactured by Amcor's factories in Europe, Asia and the Americas. In addition, they manufacture a range of flexible products locally in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


      Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific offers a full range of packaging for healthcare products, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, personal care products, home care products.


      The business supplies innovative packaging for:

      • Fresh foods such as meat, fish, bread, produce and dairy.
      • Processed foods such as confectionery, snack foods, coffee and ready meals.
      • Wholesale quantities of foods, such as bulk fruits and vegetables, fish, meat and grains.
  • LifeSpan®

    LifeSpan® Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

    • LifeSpan® box liners and pallet shrouds extend the shelf life of produce, keeping it harvest fresh from orchard to market.

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