Trending Insights from PackExpo

Just a few weeks ago, the Las Vegas Convention Center was filled with machines, flexible films, eye-tracking devices, bottles and containers and a record number of industry attendees.

10 October, 2017
There’s a lot taking shape in the packaging industry. A few dynamic advancements and trends surfaced in the Amcor booth and through conversations with our customers.

The areas of intelligent packaging, e-commerce, flexible packaging and customization were themes that resonated throughout the show exhibits and speaking engagements.

Intelligent packaging integrates a household

There’s an app for that! The Internet of things continues to expand. As we work with customers to provide consumers with more robust and dynamic experiences, it’s important to follow this trend and be mindful of how to bring insights and technology to fruition. For example, technology applied for the aging demographic might contribute to better medical and patient outcomes. Amcor’s R&D teams are working on solutions that allow healthcare packaging to communicate with the patient and physician. This is an exciting opportunity for our R&D teams and could change the way patients interact with their packaging and access to medication.

E-commerce – Plastic has the advantage

Amazon acquiring Whole Foods is big. Just how Amazon will stretch the limits and create new paths for shopping is to be determined. Today, it seems anything is available with the swipe of a finger – even wine. This new evolving paradigm creates a trickle down that means packaging must adapt as well. Consumer expectations for products delivered “at the doorstep” are different than when purchased off the retail shelf. Heavy containers increase shipping costs. Poor quality containers and closures increase the potential for breakage or product damage. In response to the changing demands and an evolving supply chain, Amcor is developing PET bottles for those emerging e-commerce segments, among them food, beverage, wine and home and personal care. As a recent example, APEXTM is a 24-ounce hot-fill PET jar with a metal lug closure. APEX PET containers offer a superior solution to glass that is safer, lighter and easier to handle. Additionally, the manufacturing team and designers at partner studio ScorCreative have redesigned several containers with lightweighting at the heart of their strategic innovation.

Amcor wins DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation


More e-commerce shopping means more shipping and that could mean added costs. Packaging made with less material will help mitigate shipping costs. Lightweighting is something we’re committed to advancing. Amcor developed PowerStrapTM lightweighting technology for hot-fill containers. This unique strap design base offers enhanced side compression for improved line handling as well as feet that provide vertical load-bearing for stacking. The technology allows for design flexibility, product differentiation, operational efficiencies and sustainability benefits. PowerStrap is among the 2017 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation winners.