Responsible packaging that is better for business, and the planet

16 August, 2017
Responsible packaging means designing and producing packaging that is better for people, products, and the world around us. Amcor is regularly recognised for its sustainability performance by independent global and regional organisations.

In July, Amcor’s commitment to social responsibility, sustainability, and governance was recognised again by FTSE4Good, a responsible investment index that helps investors identify companies that meet globally recognised corporate responsibility standards. Amcor has been selected for the FTSE4Good Global Benchmark Index every year since 2006.

The FTSE4Good advisory committee reviews eligible stocks selected from the Financial Times Stock Exchange, or FTSE, Index. Companies are assessed based on information from the independent Ethical Investment Research Service (EIRIS). The FTSE4Good index series caters to investors looking for recognised companies involved in socially responsible investment (SRI).

Also in July, the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI) advised Amcor that they have assessed us as a “leading” company for sustainability reporting and disclosure. That designation is awarded only to companies that disclose performance against a significant range of sustainability criteria, and provide detailed information about risk-management processes and outcomes. Also, ACSI praised our target to reduce the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent between fiscal 2006 and 2030.

ASCI reviews the sustainability disclosure of the top 200 companies listed on the Australia Stock Exchange (ASX200) and publishes an annual research report, “Corporate Sustainability Reporting in Australia”. The research is conducted on behalf of 37 asset owners and institutional investors who together invest more than A$1.5 trillion.

We continue to be extremely proud that global and regional indices recognise our sustainability performance and remain determined to differentiate Amcor with products and services that are better for customers and their consumers, better for our investors, and better for our world.

In addition to FTSE4Good and ACSI, Amcor is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, the CDP Climate Disclosure Leadership Index for Australia, the MSCI Global Sustainability Index series, and the Ethibel Excellence Investment Register.

You can find out more about Amcor’s sustainability commitments and achievements here.

David Clark
Vice President Safety Environment & Sustainability