Coffee revolution: The inventor of Vento™ talks about his ingenious coffee packaging solution

There’s nothing like a fresh cup of your favourite coffee. For true coffee connoisseurs a lot of thought goes into a coffee purchase: type of bean, freshness, place of origin.

29 November, 2016
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For coffee producers, being able to offer customers the freshest bag possible is a point of pride. And being able to meet big orders quickly offers coffee producers a significant competitive advantage.

Inventor Peter Hansen, R&D and Product Development Engineer for beverages at Amcor's facility in Horsens, Denmark, recognised the business challenges presented by current coffee degassing methods and in response came up with an innovative, new coffee packaging system.

Vento™ is a high-performance laminate that simplifies the packing and filling process by eliminating the need to apply hard valves to coffee packaging. Instead, it features an integrated degassing system. The technology is set to bring about significant time and cost savings for producers.

Peter explains how he came to this idea and why it’s so important for the coffee industry.

Where did the idea for Vento™ come from?

I was in the airport waiting for a plane home and making some drawings when I had the idea. Having worked with coffee and valves for a few years, I could see there were a lot of issues with coffee packaging systems, and I thought there was a possibility for us to come up with a better solution. So we formed a team with specialists from different areas and started working on it. It’s been a long journey but it’s been worth it.

What sets Vento™ apart from other coffee packaging solutions?

The main point of difference is that the venting system is integrated within the laminate. All the other solutions on the market need the coffee producers to do something – to buy an applicator, to maintain it, to run it, to set it up, to make sure they order valves and silicone oil. They have to go to different suppliers – one supplies the material, the other the valves, and so on. This adds a great deal of complexity to the coffee packaging process, and can result in a lot of downtime if there are any issues.

With Vento™, all these responsibilities and time-consuming processes are gone. The degassing system is integrated in the laminate and everything is ready for use, so you can simply put the material on the machine and run it. The producers have no other obligations. It just makes life so much easier and offers our customers a new flexibility.

So the Vento™ system could change how producers are now packing their coffee?

Definitely. Today many of our customers have one or two dedicated lines on which there is an applicator, and then they have a lot of other machines standing without applicators. So they can only pack on the ones with an applicator.
If the production set-up is changing – let’s say they have new customers ordering in a different way and wanting valves on different sizes of packs – they can simply order Vento™ with the valve on and run it on any of the standard machines. They don’t have to go and buy an applicator, set it up, teach people how to use it, and so on.
With the Vento™ system they have the flexibility to move around on the machines. They can even decide to have valves on all of their packs with no additional equipment, which gives the possibility of running more freshly roasted coffee, more freshly ground coffee – in case, for example, they get more orders and start having problems with their silo capacity. This used to involve a big effort and a big investment.
These possibilities offer a new way of thinking – that you can try things out and see whether that makes sense for your kind of production.

What have been the initial reactions from the coffee industry?

We have had really enthusiastic reactions, especially from the people who work at the machines and are confronted with these complex valve processes every single day. They are so happy when they understand that they can turn off the applicators and don’t have to worry about it anymore. They really look forward to our solution.

The Vento™ system offers coffee producers the opportunity to run a more sustainable and efficient business.
Learn more about the benefits of this game-changing new coffee packaging solution, or contact us now.

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