Amcor’s 2025 pledge: important for all our stakeholders

The first global packaging company pledging to develop all its packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2025, Amcor CEO Ron Delia says ambitious goals and collaboration can benefit all stakeholders.

23 January 2018
People accomplish great things when they set ambitious goals, and inspire and collaborate with others who share the same determination. Since it started in 1971, the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos has provided vivid examples of the power of commitment and collaboration to bring about change.

During WEF was an appropriate time for Amcor to join major brands and retailers and be the first global packaging company in making a shared, determined commitment to address the major challenge of plastics in the environment and protect our planet for tomorrow.

Sustainability leadership
Being a global leader in any industry means simultaneously winning for all stakeholders, including the environment.  In our industry, we are leading the development and manufacture of packaging that is better for the planet, our customers and consumers – and good for shareholders and our people.

Amcor is pledging to develop all our packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2025, significantly increase our use of recycled materials, and help drive consistently greater recycling of packaging around the world.

I’m proud of this commitment.  It reflects our aspiration to be the leading global packaging company and to win for customers, our people and our investors, as well as for the world around us.  We are in great company – 10 other companies, most of them Amcor customers, have made similar commitments.

Powerful collaborations
Packaging is vital to assuring the safety and effectiveness of an extensive range of food, beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, household and personal-care products.  It also significantly limits the enormous environmental implications from food and other product waste.

While most of our packaging is already developed to be recyclable or reusable, and we are designing packaging that uses less material in the first place, there is more to do.

That’s why our partnerships with sustainability organizations like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) are so important.  Amcor experts collaborate with EMF and many others in a variety of ways – from identifying the best innovations, to responsibly using plastics in the economy, to developing global protocols that will increase the recycling of packaging.  You can find out more about Amcor’s collaborations and achievements – across production, use, reuse and recycling – in our Sustainability Review 2017.

Inspiring even greater innovation and accomplishment
Our 2025 pledge gives Amcor people, customers, partners and others an ambitious target that taps into and inspires even more determination and success.  The outcome will be constant, accelerated change that helps move us toward a model encouraging and rewarding a cycle of use, reuse and recycling.

It won’t be easy; the greatest accomplishments never are.  But we will be successful, because Amcor people are motivated by ambitious goals, and have the capability, creativity and commitment to build a great business and make a difference.

To read the full press release on Amcor’s 2025 pledge, click here.

Ron Delia