A brighter future: Amcor's commitment to sustainability

06 October, 2016

Amcor's commitment to sustainability resonates throughout the company. This includes engaging its co-workers to get involved and walk the talk.
During its 16-year partnership with Earthwatch, Amcor has sent 189 co-workers on annual environmental expeditions to sustainability hot spots around the world.
From understanding the effect of climate change on ecosystems to the impact of people on marine life, Amcor co-workers learn about the environmental challenges facing the planet alongside leading scientists and researchers working in the field.
“The staff at Earthwatch do a great job of coordinating the expeditions,” says David Clark, Head of Sustainability at Amcor.
“Over the past few years they have tailored the expeditions to focus on issues most important to Amcor; for example, looking at risks to agriculture and food supplies, and more recently looking at the impacts and sources of marine debris in our oceans.”

Why is the Earthwatch/Amcor partnership important?

Earthwatch expeditions give Amcor co-workers the opportunity to learn first-hand about the most serious environmental challenges facing our planet to better understand how they – and the company – can play a role in securing a sustainable future for us all.  
“Our partnership with Earthwatch offers opportunities for co-workers to better understand of our place in the natural environment,” says Clark.
“Sponsoring them on Earthwatch expeditions provides them with unique experiences and the opportunity to participate in scientific research to advance our knowledge about important environmental issues.”

Why is it important for co-workers to be involved in these expeditions?

Amcor and Earthwatch share the belief that it’s the collective efforts of everyday people – and the companies they work for – that will determine the future of our planet. That’s why it is so important for Amcor co-workers to engage in first-hand, in-the-field learning experiences they can share with people at home.
“Bringing together 15 co-workers from different businesses and different countries is a unique opportunity to foster new friendships,” explains Clark.
“We're developing a community of Earthwatch fellows who share a passion and concern for the natural environment.”

What’s happening this year?

In October 2016, a group of Amcor co-workers will visit the Indonesian island of Bali to understand the impact debris is having on marine habitats.
Alongside principal investigator Dr Steve Smith from Southern Cross University, the Amcor team will conduct marine debris surveys at up to 20 sites around the island, investigate the impact of tourism on the marine environment, and learn about Balinese cultural practices and local attitudes to managing marine debris.
Lori Stratton, Senior Communications Specialist at Amcor, is one of this year’s participants.
“I’m looking forward to learning more about Bali’s approach to marine debris management and partnering with colleagues to provide Balinese communities with potential solutions,” she says.
David Clark says the rest of Amcor is looking forward to finding out what the participants learn on their Balinese adventure.  
“The experiences and knowledge gained will be shared among hundreds of co-workers across our business.”

Read more about Amcor’s sustainability initiatives and goals on our website


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