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High-tech packaging is protecting patients against potentially dangerous counterfeit drugs.

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Up to 10 per cent of drugs in the global pharmaceutical market are counterfeit. These are developed anywhere from unsanitary, backyard garages to well-financed underground laboratories. Counterfeit drugs are potentially putting at risk the health of millions of patients who take for granted that the prescription medicines they buy are safe and effective.

"In many cases counterfeit drugs have been found to be without active ingredients, or with wrong ingredients or with incorrect quantities of active ingredients. The use of such drugs can prolong treatment periods [and] in extreme cases, counterfeit drugs may even cause death."




Pharmaceutical pills are being replicated across countless laboratories around the world. Using basic laboratory equipment and easily available chemicals, fraudsters have become adept at making pills that look just like the real thing

Amcor's pharmaceutical packaging plays a vital role in safeguarding patients. By applying advanced anti-counterfeit packaging technology that is virtually impossible to reproduce, it is easier to separate the legitimate medicine from the fakes

Because even one breach can harm a patient, and harm a brand. Our pharmaceutical customers have access to transparent auditing so they are confident our solution is fully compliant and protects their brand and integrity. Each feature is also applied within highly secure production and supply chain processes at one of three Amcor sites around the world.

N'CRYPT(R) enables a combination of individual features, offering a multi-layered approach to increasing drug security. This could include overt features, such as color shift ink, to make the product easily recognizable by patients. It may also provide hidden security elements that require a separate authentication device, such as a scanner or laboratory-based forensic testing. Using sophisticated track and trace technology, the pharmaceuticals can be tightly managed to ensure complete supply chain integrity.

"Amcor is proud to be part of the global fight against counterfeit medicine that will help save lives."
- ANDREA DELLA TORRE R&D Director Europe & Americas

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