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Build brand differentiation with packaging

As the world's consumers are changing, and consumer goods companies struggle to crack the code for growth, packaging becomes a critical competitive advantage to drive brand differentiation and drive growth. Today’s consumers are both more willing to experiment, yet more exacting and specific in their demands than ever before. For products to stand out on the shelf at first sight, and win consumers’ hearts during the product’s lifecycle, differentiation is key.  As the interface between the product and consumers, packaging can be designed to create that unique brand journey.


Creating distinctive packaging that brings your brand to life requires exceptional design, advanced manufacturing capabilities and material science expertise. That's exactly where Amcor can help; we support our customers in achieving differentiated, original packaging through four key platforms:

Visual effects: With best-in-class knowledge in material science and extensive experience with all types of brand owners and consumers, our creative teams know how to maximize visual impact that speaks to your brand essence.

Functionality: A functionally adept and distinctive package can enhance brand loyalty by creating a unique interaction experience. Features such as easy open and close, re-sealibility or portability could help your product seamlessly integrate into and improve the lives of your consumers. Printed magnetic closures, re-sealable foil laminates for freshness, and specialty dispensing are all examples of how Amcor delivers convenience and comfort to the consumer’s product experience.

Customization: Fragmented, niche consumer sub-segments mean brands must appeal to users on an individual level in order to ignite purchase interest and maintain product loyalty. Amcor’s manufacturing platforms and processes are specifically adapted in response to this trend.

Connectivity: Consumers are increasingly using smart devices to guide their product decisions, and packaging connectivity technologies offer many ways for brands to extend their consumer reach and engagement. Amcor’s joint development and cooperation with supply chain partners make virtual packaging a reality, as seen in the new ‘TouchCode’ technology from Amcor Folding Cartons.

Amcor’s technology makes your vision of creating deep and powerful engagement with your consumers a reality.

FOCUS ON ASIA: Tapping into India’s mobile revolution
The explosion of mobile phone use in India has started a revolution, fuelled by cheaper handsets and a ballooning telecommunications industry, in a country with an estimated billion mobile subscribers. Indian connected consumer are offering incredible opportunities for mobile campaigns to win over consumers who live in locales where cable television or even newspapers may have limited reach.  

In India, Amcor’s personalised digital printing has enabled an entirely new form of one‐to‐one marketing via mobile phones. In a revolutionary approach in the country, Amcor’s customers across food and personal goods are able to offer their consumers a range of promotions such as free mobile credits, recipe ideas, freebies or movie offers.
It works through Amcor’s advanced technology, which offers an alphanumeric or 2D code to be printed on every package. To access the promotion consumers simply call or SMS a unique or standard mobile number. This not only keeps consumers engaged and active and establishes a strong two‐way relationship with the brand, it also gives Amcor’s customers valuable knowledge on consumer spend patterns, age groups, regional trends and feedback.
The Asian markets have unique technological and manufacturing circumstances, including low uptake of smart phones as well as a high proportion of hard‐to‐reach remote and rural consumers.
With R&D teams across Asia, Amcor has a deep knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in this region and can partner with you to create exciting new ways for you to interact with your consumer and build brand loyalty.


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