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From compliance to competitive advantage

Trust in product safety is critical today to the consumer’s purchasing decision. And enhancing trust in consumer products is more important than ever in a climate where public confidence has been rocked by high profile food safety scares, product recalls and a rise in counterfeit drug trafficking.   

The globalization of food supply, increasingly global food production systems and changes in food technology means that packaging has a crucial role to play in protecting food and building trust between consumers and brands.
The nature of today’s global and complex supply chains means a more strategic and innovative approach is needed by all players.


Packaging that protects your brand, product and customers

At Amcor, safety is non‐negotiable. We are committed to meeting the highest standards for product safety and quality.
We meet and exceed both international standards (such as Swiss Ordinance, REACH, SVHC, and EU framework 1935/2004) and local country regulations (Thai FDA no.295, China Hygiene Standards, FSANZ 141 and 143, and Indonesian FDA) where our products are manufactured.
By partnering with us, you will benefit from our extensive, state‐of‐the‐art R&D facilities that support product safety, analysis and testing, as well as our experts located around the globe who have deep regulatory and packaging expertise.

Smart packaging to keep your food safer, and fresher for longer

Protecting the safety of consumers must be a priority for all organizations across the supply chain.
For decades, Amcor has driven innovation in packaging to address food safety issues, such as spoilage and contamination. Our innovation helps to protect and build brands while helping consumers feel confident that the food they and their families consume is safe.
Our deep expertise in material science and our investment in R&D drives new innovations across multiple platforms to maximize product quality and extend the shelf‐life of goods. Our expertise includes:
  • barrier technologies to protect your food or beverage from oxygen and water vapour which maintains the integrity of your product for your customer to enjoy
  • aseptic, hygienic, sterile solutions
  • modified atmosphere, moisture and O2 scavenging packaging solutions for products like fresh pastas, dried meats, and ambient ready meals 
  • anti‐tampering evidence packaging solutions and child resistant/senior friendly packaging for products such as pharmaceuticals
  • films that provide strong barrier properties with the benefit of lightweight packaging solutions
  • expertise on packaging regulatory environments.

Highlights: Innovating to keep food safe and fresh

Fuelled by our commitment to product safety, Amcor continues to find new ways to improve food safety, and keep food fresher for longer. Examples of our innovations in this area include:
  • a lightweight, shatter-proof PET jar for hot fill products, A-PEX63, that can be sealed with a metal lug closure using the “pop” tamper-evident indicator button that gives consumers peace of mind
  • micro-perforation P-Plus® technology that extends the shelf life of your fresh produce by matching the respiration rate of the produce and naturally creates a modified atmosphere using advanced techniques to tailor gas permeability of the films
  • our AmLite high barrier transparent film that offers a completely metal-free structure and improves food safety by allowing metal detection after filling and sealing
  • our LifeSpan innovation creates and maintains a beneficial modified atmosphere for an extended period enabling you to deliver your high quality produce to distant markets
  • advancements in PET barrier technology that block oxygen and UV ray permeation of the container walls, protecting the colour and taste of your product, for longer. This new technology has been used to by our customer Empresas Polar to tap into new markets by delivering bottled yogurt to remote regions of South America that lack cold chain distribution networks.

Promoting patient safety

Amcor is a trusted partner to leading global pharmaceutical companies. From tamper resistant medicine packaging, to technologies that fight drug counterfeiting, we are creating new materials and solutions for a variety of patient needs. Our expertise includes:
  • designing child safe, senior friendly, anti‐tampering evidence and non‐refillable solutions to protect patients and enhance medication adherence
  • authentication technology including track and trace, covert technologies and holograms
  • innovative designs for dispensing systems and closures
  • expertise on the packaging regulatory environment
  • product protection is ensured by robust quality systems and clean room environment

Highlights: Innovation for pharmaceutical challenges

Here’s just a few of our packaging innovations that protect the integrity of your product, and your brand.
  • Our N’Crypt® Security Solution combines multiple layers of technologies, such as specialized printing techniques and authentication features, with secure production and supply chain processes, to protect brands from counterfeiting.
  • Our MaXQ unique identification codes provide a unique identity on every single product, so the consumer can verify that the product in their hand is authentic, delivering real time product verification and interaction. Amcor has partnered with Kezzler, a world leader in serialized coding, to deliver the latest technology to our packaging to protect customers from counterfeit drugs.  A leading global pharmaceutical company experiencing significant counterfeiting of their anti-cancer drugs in India used Kezzler technology to enable their consumers to verify the authenticity of their products via SMS, leading to substantial increases to sales.
  • Our Guardlid® blister packs provide packaging that is both child resistant and senior friendly, while providing the necessary puncture resistance and specialised peelability to meet both American standards and European testing criteria.

Because some things are better off not being left to chance

Globalization and modern technologies have made the supply chain more complex, across borders and time zones. More than ever, packaging has a critical role to protect and preserve not just the safety and quality of the product, but a brand’s image as well.
The safe and sustainable design of our packaging and manufacturing processes is core to our innovation approach. We apply rigorous standards of product safety that ensures:
  • World class governance and compliance with all relevant regulations and standards
  • We manufacture our products following strict policies, requirements and specifications provided through a quality management program. For example, we are leading the industry in our approach to using only Toluene free inks in most parts of the Asia Pacific including China, Thailand and shortly, India.
  • Full traceability of packaging from raw materials to finished packaging. This means raw materials are sourced from suppliers who are able to provide the relevant compliance data
  • Our products are regularly tested to ensure compliance with relevant regulatory requirements and standards. Our products are tested in modern laboratories using state‐of‐the‐art methods and appropriate technologies against stringent requirements.
  • A documented change control procedure is in place
  • We promote a culture that values the highest standards in product safety and quality, occupational safety, and health and environmental standards across our entire operations
  • An audit process is in place to ensure our product safety systems are first class and being followed
In partnership with you, we innovate to create solutions that meet the highest global standards in safe packaging, so your customers and your brand will stay protected. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how we can put our many years of experience, knowledge and innovation to work for your benefit. Together, we’ll help you give people greater trust in your products.

FOCUS ON ASIA: High profile food scares are driving awareness of product safety 

Over the next decade, it is estimated an extra 1.2 billion people in the Asia Pacific region will join the middle class. Following a number of high profile product recalls across the region, food safety is becoming an increasingly prominent concern in Asia, especially in China, where efforts to assuage consumer fears are prompting greater regulatory scrutiny.product-safety-asia.jpg
Amcor’s approach to our operations in Asia is to meet a higher bar than local product safety regulations. This means we apply European Union packaging standards to our packaging design and manufacture, in addition to complying with local laws and customer needs.
Amcor has significantly invested in building an industry leading product safety program throughout the Asian region. We have 12 dedicated product safety specialists in this region, who have a deep understanding of the stringent European Union packaging regulations that we use as our standards, as well as local regulatory frameworks.
In addition, we have invested in advanced forensic capabilities where we can support you with screening analysis, SML analysis and pro‐active monitoring. We have three state of the art laboratories in the region located in Huizhou (China), Melbourne (Australia) and Bangkok (Thailand). If required, we also utilize our extensive network of advanced laboratory facilities across Europe and the US.

If you are looking to succeed in the complex Asian region, partnering with Amcor for your packaging needs will help you deliver trust in your brand, and give your customers the greatest confidence in their food.


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