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Innovation-Centres-infographic-v1-1.jpgPartnering with Amcor gives you access to the latest innovation across all aspects of the packaging spectrum, from high impact design to cutting edge material science to advancedmanufacturing.  

Be part of a community of more than 1,200 scientists, engineers, designers and technicians working around the world inventing new and improving existing packaging solutions to solve your business challenges and help your business grow.

Global centers of excellence 

Amcor’s 12 ‘centers of excellence’ are located across ten countries around the world, so we are close to the markets we serve.  These centers support our R&D teams and customers with highly specialised, state-of-the-art analysis and research, as well as drive longer term, game changing technology shifts.

We like to think of our centers of excellence as communities where we can collaborate with our customers and share Amcor’s experience and resources. We provide everything our customers need in one place to advance their idea or solve their challenge.

Each center of excellence has a team of experienced R&D leaders, product development managers, experienced designers, scientists and expert engineers that can advise on packaging design, material science and manufacturing processes.  

Co-location to drive collaborative innovation 

In addition to our 12 centers of excellence, Amcor has a co-location model throughout an additional 20 manufacturing plants around the globe.  

This colocation model means our product development engineers work hand in hand with customers, designers and manufacturing leaders in a constant quest to improve manufacturing efficiency, develop products specific to the local market and adapt to local conditions and needs.

While working at the heart of our operations, our R&D teams work as part of global innovation network, leveraging our global expertise, giving our customers access to the latest in packaging research and development.