Amcor partners with ColaLife, a not-for-profit organisation, to bring affordable life-saving medicine to sub-Sahara Africa through a special package called 'Kit of Life'.

Every minute eight children under the age of five die in sub-Saharan Africa. Diarrhoea, a preventable disease, is the second largest infectious killer of these children. In 2016, Amcor donated $10,000 to ColaLife to reach even more people in Zambia with the innovative kits, helping to save the lives of sick children living in poverty.

The beginning of the ColaLife journey

What if we could find a way for life-saving medicine to reach these remote communities?

Simon and Jane Berry, the co-founders of ColaLife, found a solution to this difficult question when they founded the not-for-profit organisation, ColaLife. This organisation has created a life-saving anti-diarrhoea product, Kit Yamoyo, which means 'Kit of Life' in many African languages.

ColaLife challenged Amcor with developing the packaging for Kit Yamoyo, which had to endure extreme environments and unconventional supply chains, retain the hygiene of the product and be low cost. The pack also had to be intuitive, easy to open and operate as a device to measure the water the medicine needs.

Amcor developed a solution by adapting its existing Push Pop technology, typically used to package food.

The kit's packaging is light, extremely durable and flexible, keeping the medicine safe while tough and nimble enough to reach the remotest of families in Africa. The Kit Yamoyo contains sachets of Oral Rehydration Salts, zinc, soap and instructions. The flexi-pack doubles as a measuring device so families can be confident they are using the correct amount of water for each life-saving serve. The new packaging also has three times more products being shipped in a box, helping more medicine reach many more families in need.

"Packaging plays a crucial role in tackling global challenges such as ensuring access to safe, effective health care. Amcor have been a valued partner whose innovation credentials and specialist packaging knowledge are helping to improve health in the developing world."



In 2012-13 Amcor donated the specialist breathable sealing film for the first 'AidPod' and won the 'Amcor CEO's Outperformance Award'. Together with ColaLife, we became short-listed for UK Packaging Awards: Resource Efficient Pack in 2015.

To help keep the production costs down, Amcor Flexibles manufacturing sites in the Ledbury, UK and Palmela, Portugal agreed to donate over 870,000 Kit Yamoyo Flexi-packs to ColaLife. Since then, the Zambian government has already ordered 452,000 kits*, currently being distributed to rural communities, and local shops have sold over 80,000.

"Despite the heavy toll, progress is being made and many more children could be saved through widespread use of a simple solution of oral re-hydration salts and zinc supplementation."

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