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Next generation design shows why light is might when creating sports bottles for athletes.

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The arena of elite sport is about having the strength to go further, being light enough to move faster, and beating world records in your pursuit.

“Ultimately you want to be as strong and as light as possible.”

- Andrew Read endurance athlete and journalist for Athlete Journal

Reimagining what's possible


"In 2009, PepsiCo invited Amcor to step into this arena to redesign the packaging for its sports hydration drink, Gatorade. We approached Amcor with the challenge to design and develop the lightest bottle in the world."

- Jorge Maquita PepsiCo Latin America

Elite athletes know that breaking records takes hard work, the highest level of skill and courage to forge a unique path. Amcor brought together teams from industrial design and application engineering in pursuit of the challenge to create the world's lightest bottle without compromising its strength.

The end result crossed the finish line first as the world's lightest 500 ml heat-set PET container and brought home a trophy from the industry's most prestigious awards.

“Pushing the boundaries of hot fill containers is no easy task. PepsiCo together with Amcor joined in the development of a new ultra-light weight container to replace the current Gatorade global container and change the industry standard.”

- AmeriStar Packaging Awards Competition judges for the award PRESENTED IN NEW YORK, JUNE 2014

The winning bottle is not only light and strong, but has been applauded for its ergonomic design that makes it easier for athletes to grip as they hydrate themselves on the run.


Beyond the sports arena, the Gatorade packaging has brought wins for the environment.  In meeting the challenge to make the design lighter, the bottle uses less raw materials. And in striving to innovate, Amcor's research and development team created a new way to seal the containers that reduces energy consumption.  The winning numbers tell a story...

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reduction in green house gas emissions
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reduction in raw materials
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reduction in water used in production
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reduction in energy
"The end result is quite remarkable and really demonstrates our innovation capabilities across design, material science and manufacturing."

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