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Companies in the consumer goods industry are confronting multiple challenges.    Pressure on margins, volatility in commodity prices and increasing expectations from end users and shareholders are driving brands to find new ways to stay competitive.
At Amcor, we understand these challenges. We invest in technology and solutions designed to give FMCG brands a competitive edge by creating packaging that helps brands grow market share, reduce costs and increase speed to market for new products.  
Through every stage ‐ from R&D, design, manufacturing, and all the way through to post‐sales field technical services support – we are looking for ways to give you a competitive edge by helping to reduce your complexity, risks and costs.

Flexible packaging solutions for fast moving markets

There are many ways that FMCG companies can reduce the total cost of ownership for their flexible packaging. Perhaps one of the most important is the careful selection and application of materials. And this is where Amcor is a pioneer because we have, over time, invested millions in materials science.
We’ve used our deep expertise in material sciences to drive our customer’s competitiveness across two areas:
1.   Cutting through materials complexity – We have leveraged our design engineering and material science capabilities to cut through the complexity of material specifications used in packaging. So whether you are looking for a low barrier solution right through to high barrier applications, we offer a choice of curated flexible packing materials to meet your needs, and the needs of your customers, while reducing your total cost of ownership.
Each Amcor flexible packaging solution is tailored to fit across a range of FMCG categories, while lowering total cost of ownership, minimizing supply chain complexity and maximizing manufacturing efficiency.
2.   Simplifying colour processes – We use an advanced, optimised colour management system called Iris that provides a high level of colour consistency, faster speed to market (with reduced repro time by an average of 40%) and combined printing to enable promotions and cost effective short runs.


How light can you go? A new era of bottling competitiveness

In the fast‐paced, highly competitive FMCG industry, our customers are facing increasing pressure to find greater business efficiencies and deliver against increasingly complex consumer demands.
In response, we are making exponential leaps in productivity and efficiency in rigid plastic packaging.  Our design, advanced engineering, 3D prototyping, pilot‐plant production, and laboratory testing help customers get new, innovative products to market faster and drive a leaner cost base, which is key to succeeding in the marketplace.
Our design teams are market leaders in lightweighting technology, using sophisticated software, 3D printers and other advanced manufacturing tools to make products that were once thought impossible to achieve.
In 2013, we redesigned a 64‐oz PET bottle to cut weight from the standard 68 g to 59 g, a 13.2% reduction. We have set an ambitious target for a further 50% weight reduction over the next five years in hot‐fill containers.
Creating a lean design is only part of the equation. Amcor are also leaders in the filling technology and barrier properties that can support the ever increasing lightweighting.
Our sophisticated prototyping using advanced 3D printing means that Amcor can go from a drawing to creating a bottle in as little as one week, giving our customers unprecedented speed to market.
In 2014, Amcor broke new ground in leaner manufacturing with the revolutionary LiquiForm technology that will allow forming bottles with their intended liquid contents instead of high‐pressure air, done in one‐step instead of two separate steps. This new technology could reduce bottling cost anywhere from a few percent to greater than 10%2.
As consumer goods companies face new and increasing challenges, all driving complexity in their operating models, now more than ever it is necessary to partner with a packaging company that can support your continued, profitable growth. Contact Amcor to find out how we can support you to drive productivity, reduce complexity and improve agility.
The R&D team based at Amcor’s centre of excellence in Bangkok, Thailand has created a revolutionary approach to a traditional form of packaging that reduces raw materials, production costs and processes, while also enhancing quality.
The new material, MetSeal, removes an entire layer from the traditional three‐layer structure of coffee sachets. By taking away the aluminium foil layer, the weight of the pack is reduced by 45%, and the innovative material improves the pack’s oxygen and moisture barrier performances while maintaining the high gloss appearance.
Metseal offers a dramatic increase in the efficient use of materials, reducing costs, leading to a higher yield for each roll during operations (which also means less roll changeovers), and lowers weight to improve transport efficiencies. This cost effective approach also lowers carbon emissions and the carbon footprint of the packaging by 40%.
MetSeal is a powerful example of Amcor’s light‐weighting innovation at work. Our R&D teams can partner with you to create solutions to reduce the material content of your packaging using our extensive experience in materials and in the science of down‐gauging.

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