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  • Description

    Stick packs represent a convenient, secure and hygienic packaging alternative for single dose pharmaceutical products.



    • Wide range of material combinations available including PET, aluminum, films, for high-barrier product protection and excellent biocompatibility
    • Unique platform of technologies: adhesive, extrusion lamination, (co)extrusion coating in order to adapt to customers' needs
    • Rotogravure/flexographic printing in small to large quantities
    • Excellent machine output
    • Child-Resistant/Senior-Friendly, easy tear-open and peel-open options


  • Details

    Available Locations:

    • Global

    Service Type:

    • Laminates for pouches
    • Flow wrap
    • Stick packs

    Product Material Type:

    • Aluminium
    • Aluminium foil laminate
    • Film laminate
    • Paper
    • Paper laminates
    • Polyethylene (PE)
    • Polypropylene (PP)
    • Multi layer laminate
    • Ceramis®

    Product Application:

    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Efferverscent
    • Liquids
    • Ointments, gels &creams
    • Oral dissolve strips
    • Powders & granules
    • Veterinary solutions
    • Nutraceuticals
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    The 1-pc DoubleSeal screw closure, equipped with an inner and outside sealing lip, provides a superior tight seal for 28 mm PET one-way bottles with PCO 1810 neck. The slit tamper evidence band is assuring the integrity of the product and breaks reliable after first opening.

    Filling Technologies

    • Aseptic filling
    • Cold filling


    • CSD
    • Beer
    • Nectars / Fruit Juices
    • Still mineral water

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