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Materials for industrial applications

Films and other materials for industrial applications such as aerospace, agriculture, automotive, energy, and insulation. More >

Packaging for food

View all of our packaging solutions for food products. More >

Packaging for household Items

Packaging for household paper products, adhesives, batteries, brushware, car care, photography supplies, firelighters and BBQ fuel, first aid, foil and baking paper, insecticides and pest killers, lighting needs, plastic wrap, shoe care, stationery, disposable dinnerware and cutlery. More >

Packaging for personal & home care products

Consumer-oriented retail & sample packaging solutions for manufacturers of bath & shower products, cosmetics, fragrances, hair & skin care products, toiletries, cleaning products & wipes. More >

Packaging for tobacco products

Packaging options for manufacturers and suppliers of tobacco products. More >


Packaging for beverages

Packaging options for beverages sold through retail outlets. More >

Packaging for hospital sterilisation units

Packaging and supplies for hospital sterilisation units, including pouches & reels, sterilisation wraps & adhesive tapes, sterilisation indicators, sterilisation monitoring & tracking systems, heat sealing equipment, washing and disinfection products; plus sharp containers. More >

Packaging for medical devices

Packaging for antimicrobials, cardiac devices, diagnostic devices, endoscopic devices, gloves, kits and trays, IV administration, IV solutions, labware, opthalmic products, orthopedic devices, surgical packs & gowns, syringes and needles, tubing and airways, urinary drainage, wound care. More >

Packaging for pharmaceuticals

Packaging for pharmaceutical powders & granules, ointments & creams, liquids, oral dissolve strips, prefilled syringes, tablets & capsules, transdermals; and bulk drugs & APIs. More >


Professional services for packaging design, materials and packaging testing and recycling services. More >


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