Investor Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Amcor has been expanding significantly in overseas countries in recent years. To what extent have profits from these offshore operations been repatriated to Australia in the form of dividends?

Q: Are Amcor dividends franked and to what extent?

Q: Can I obtain information about Amcor’s individual operating businesses?

Q: Can I request Financial Reports to be sent to me by email?

Q: Does Amcor have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP)?

Q: Does Amcor have a hedging program?

Q: Does Amcor pay a dividend on its shares?

Q: Does Amcor use derivatives?

Q: Given Amcor’s presence in many different countries/tax jurisdictions, what is the Group doing to manage its tax risks?

Q: How can I obtain information about Amcor’s most recent financial results?

Q: How do I change my details if I am a shareholder?

Q: How does Amcor treat Goodwill on acquisitions in its financial accounts?

Q: How does Amcor value its Employee Shares and Options?

Q: How many shareholders does Amcor have?

Q: If I am thinking of buying Amcor shares, who can I ask for information about this?

Q: What affects Amcor’s share price and can the Company advise me on what the share price might do in the future?

Q: What does Amcor expect its effective tax rate to be moving forward?

Q: What exchanges do Amcor securities trade on?

Q: What is Amcor’s dividend policy?

Q: What is Amcor’s ticker symbol?

Q: What is Conduit Foreign Income?

Q: What were Amcor’s Earnings per Share (EPS) last year?

Q: When is Amcor’s next General Meeting of Shareholders?

Q: Where can I find historical information about Amcor’s financial results?

Q: Who can assist me with share enquiries if I hold Amcor shares and am not located in Australia?

Q: Who is Amcor’s Independent Auditor?

Q: Will significant items continue to be included in Amcor’s results?

Q: With regard to the Paperlinx demerger in 2000, what were the terms of the share allocations?

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