Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Amcor’s focus is on recruiting, retaining and developing local talent to manage our businesses around the world, and on selecting from this broad talent pool for our global leadership roles.

We have a ‘Talent through Diversity’ policy in place and have established the following indicators for tracking gender diversity within Amcor:

  • The number of women employed at Amcor as a proportion of the total workforce; and
  • The proportion of women employed at leadership level (defined as middle management including plant level leadership and above).

These are reported annually to our Board and the Human Resources Board Committee, and are included in the Amcor Annual Report.


Our Code of Conduct and Ethics policy specifies that: ‘Amcor recognises the dignity of each co-worker and the right to a workplace free of harassment, abuse or corporal punishment. Decisions on hiring, salary, benefits, advancement, termination or retirement are based solely on the co-worker’s ability to do the job. There is no discrimination based on race, creed, disability, gender, marital or maternity status, religious or political beliefs, age or sexual orientation.’

Co-workers can report instances of discrimination via Amcor’s Whistleblower Service, which can be accessed anonymously by telephone in 33 countries, or by email and postal mail. They can also report to the Human Resources function at their site or Business Unit.

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