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  • Overview

    Overview of closures and overcaps

    • Collection of closures and overcaps

      As a specialist and leader in the design and manufacture of capsules, we offer the widest range of capsules and closures for wine, sparkling wine and spirits. Our printing and finishing options consistently satisfy customer quality and service requirements.

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      Supply reliability

      To ensure consistent and reliable closure supply, we have production facilities in the major wine producing regions of the world including: three sites in France, two in North America, one in South America and a licenced manufacturer, the Orora Group, supplying Australia and New Zealand.

      Customer service

      With technical teams in wine producing regions around the world, we are well placed to support customers locally with their capping machines and capping lines.

      Research and development

      At our R&D centres, scientists and engineers work to develop unique and innovative solutions for our customers. Solutions that add value to their brands.

      Product quality

      Our production facilities operate under an ISO9001 certified Quality Management System that ensures the consistent quality of our closures. Our approach to product quality includes a continuous improvement program that analyses data from our production processes to find ways to improve those processes. Our suppliers are audited at least annually to ensure the quality of our raw materials.

      Our facilities meet the appropriate food contact regulatory requirements.

  • Still Wine

    Closures and overcaps for still wines

    • Wine is a very valuable product. Packaging is designed to protect your wine throughout it's life-cycle and communicate your brand image. We offer tailor-made closure solutions which do exactly this.

      We offer:

      • Decades of experience
      • An extensive product range
      • World-class innovation capabilities
      • Local manufacturing faciities and technical support in the major wine producing regions of the world

      All this ensures we understand and constantly meet our customer needs.


      Overcaps for still wines

      Our range of overcaps help to promote your brand in the best possible way. From the easy to use Rolltop to the lightweight and elegant Capgard to the premium Softgard overcap, we have a product to suit your specific requirements.

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      Stelvin® closures

      Closures for still wine

      Developed in the 1960s, Stelvin®, the original wine closure, is the market reference.

      Stelvin® is a packaging concept which combines a screw cap, specific glass finish (BVS), head-space & capping conditions, and sophisticated liners, tailor-made for wine.

      The Stelvin® concept offers many benefits for wine makers & wine lovers alike:

      • Absence of cork taint (TCA)
      • Consistent taste from one bottle to another
      • Preservation of aromas, flavors and freshness
      • Easy to open and to close, supporting the needs of modern consumption
      • Easy storage whether upright or racked

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  • Spirits

    Closures and overcaps for spirits

    • Our products are used by the most prestigious brands in the world.

      Our global manufacturing footprint and local focus ensures our customers benefit from :

      • Unrivalled expertise in both overcaps and closures - no matter if you want a classical look or a contemporary one to suit to your brand, we can support your needs
      • Tailored and innovative solutions to support brand strategies, with new shapes for differentiation, anti-tamper options and a wide variety of printing techniques
      • Local specialist technical teams to provide design and technical support
      • Innovative solutions to support your need to prevent counterfeiting


      Screw caps for spirits

      Our renowned aluminium closures for spirits range include the classic Stelcap® through to the sleek, refined Steluxe®.

      Stelcap®, the classic aluminium long skirt closure for spirits offers many options to satisfy your product and branding needs. The Stelcap®+ offers improved shelf stand-out through its unique design features. Our Steluxe® range incorporates an insert that creates a completely smooth exterior and opening, giving a modern and elegant feel.

      The Aluflash and Aluflash Lux are an easy to cap, short-skirt aluminium closure for spirits. The Aluflash closure was developed for bottles not designed for long-skirt caps. Excellent for capping, this closure can be decorated on top.

      Stelite is our 'non-conformist closure'. It's slightly domed shape and metallic look offers a uniquely modern design, demonstrating our capacity for innovation.


      Overcaps for spirits

      Our overcap range for spirits includes the Rolltop+, a polylaminated overcap with a seductive touch, through to the premium Luxetain and Softgard +, tin embossed capsules that support sophisticated decoration.

      Aluprem is our first aluminium overcap designed for the spirits market, offering easy opening and anti-counterfeiting solutions.

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  • Champ & Sparkling

    Overcaps for champagne and sparkling wines

    • Overcaps for champagne and sparkling wine play a large role in adding value to the product. From large Champagne houses to independent sparkling wine producers, we offer a range of solutions and a palette of creative resources which are unequalled on the market.

      Our range of tin, aluminium and polylaminated overcaps for champagne and sparkling wines starts with the simple elegance of the Champal overcap and extends to the top of the line Luxetain, ideal for when high end presentation is needed for small to medium production runs.

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      Personalised overcaps: designed on your iPad - short lead time

      Our MyCoiffe system is an Amcor-exclusive innovation that offers:

      • Personalised champagne overcaps
      • Short lead-time with overcaps available in under two weeks
      • Competitive pricing
      • Small order size

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  • Sustainability

    Closure sustainability

    • Using Life Cycle Assessments to quantify and track progress

      We use Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to provide insights on the relative environmental impacts (from both the packaged product and the packaging) at every stage of a product's journey.

      These assessments are based on the ISO 14040 life cycle assessment standard and are performed using our proprietary tool, ASSETTM.

      Stelvin®: an asset for sustainable consumption

      According to the Quantis 2010 LCA study  a bottle closure (whatever the material) accounts for between only 0.001% to 3% of a bottle of wine' s total environmental impact. 

      Just a small amount of wine spoilage due to cork taint has a much higher environmental impact than the production of the bottle closure.

      Alufoil Closures Group

      We are proud to be part of the Alufoil Closures Group and the Turn 360° campaign.

      The leading manufacturers of aluminium closures launched the pan-European "Aluminium Closures - Turn 360°" campaign to enhance public awareness about the advantages of aluminium closures.

      The campaign, organised through the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA), presents closures made of aluminium as a more sustainable, intelligent and economic alternative to other closure systems. Aluminium closures offer many benefits in areas such as preserving wine taste and quality, sustainability and recycling, convenience, technology, cost efficiency, and design options.

      Providing easy-to-grasp information and the latest scientific findings regarding sustainability, the aluminium closure industry clearly demonstrates the superior characteristics of aluminium closures.Visit for more information.