Liquids, creams, gels

Amcor offers a range of high barrier laminations for stick pack, sachet or pouching applications for pharmaceutical liquids, powders and topical ointments and creams.

  • Paper Foil laminates for excellent surface printing
  • Structures can be printed with a scuff and alcohol resistant overprint varnish.
  • Polyester Foil laminates for trapped printing to protect graphics.
  • LDPE sealant for low drug interaction in an economical package
  • Surlyn® sealant for high speed sealing, abrasion resistance and wide operating window.
  • EAA sealant for excellent hot tack, sealing through powders, and strong seals
  • Amcor TearStick® easy opening feature

Child Resistant Tear Open Packs

Amcor SafeStick is a novel child resistant, easy tear open pack incorporating a printed tear initiation point. SafeStick tears easily, but only at the area designated by graphics and text. Also available in SafeSachet format.

Benefits include:

  • Ease of opening in a child resistant format
  • Convenient product dispensing in a squeezable format
  • Controlled unit dosing
Amcor TearStick®
Pharmaceutical Sachet laminates
Sachet Dessiflex™

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