Flexible Packaging for Medical Devices

  • Packaging options suitable for form-fill-seal applications

Overview of flexible medical device packaging

We are recognised around the world as the premier supplier of sterilisable medical device packaging.

Our expertise and product line breadth will provide you with the most cost-effective packaging solution to protect and maintain the sterility of your device until the moment the package is opened.

From packaging design through to validation, we offer a range of value-added services to supplement your in-house resources and reduce the time to market.

Our global manufacturing footprint

We serve the global medical device market from 15 manufacturing sites located in:

  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • China
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom,
  • United States, including Puerto Rico.

Regulatory compliance

All plant quality systems are ISO 9000 registered and in compliance with cGMPs. Our U.S. plants are accredited to the ISO 13485 medical device quality management standard.

We offer you an in-depth understanding of the industry’s regulatory, quality and cGMP requirements, including: validated processes and design control, full product traceability, specification compliance, documentation systems, and process capability analysis (Cpk).

Knowledge & expertise

Equipped with the broadest technology base in the industry, we customise packaging solutions to individual requirements for package configuration, performance, processing, opening features, and sterilisation.

Medical Device Form-Fill-Seal Applications

We offer the widest range of forming webs and peelable top webs to provide medical device manufacturers with a "total package solution" for sterilisable form-fill-seal applications. 

Support from our in-house packaging machine laboratories and worldwide network of field service engineers will accelerate your time to market for new packaging. 

Our manufacturing facilities are spread across the globe , allowing you flexibility in where you manufacture and package your product and ensuring continuity of supply of your packaging materials.

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Four-Side-Seal packaging for medical devices

Four side seal (4SS) packaging is ideal for flat or lightweight medical devices, which do not require thermoformed packaging.

Devices including dressings and gloves are commonly packaged using film laminates sealing to medical papers and Tyvek®, or complete film to film solutions

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Product details for four-side-seal packaging

Flow wrap packaging for medical devices

We have a wide range of films and laminations for high speed processing on flow wrap machines.

Films suitable for gamma, EO and steam sterilisation are available.

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High barrier packaging for medical devices

For medical devices that require protection from moisture, oxygen, light and chemicals, we offer an extensive range of films and laminations for high barrier packaging.

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Pouches & bags for medical devices

We are the world’s largest manufacturer of pouches and bags for healthcare packaging.

We offer both stock pouches and bags and customised solutions for your specific requirements.

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Die cut lids & labels for medical devices

We manufacture custom die cut materials (lids, labels, inserts), serving the healthcare industry with die cutting capabilities in the USA, Puerto Rico and Ireland.

Whether you need a prototype, a small trial order or regular production on a tight deadline, we can meet your needs.

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Fluids overwrapping

We offer a broad range of fluid overwrapping offers you a choice of features and performance to meet the demanding requirements of critical healthcare products such as infusion solutions, parenteral nutrition solutions, dialysis fluids and IV pharmaceuticals.

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Components for medical devices

We offer innovative solutions for your product's performance challenges, derived from our broad portfolio of capabilities in film extrusion and laminating, and expertise in materials science.


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Cans & trays

MediCan is a printable robust metal tray with an easy-peelable lid, with excellent barrier properties.

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Photo of a metal can with a peelable lid

Packaging collaboration with Amcor Global University

The Amcor Global University (AGU) aims to create a stimulating environment for discussion and exchange between you, our valued customer, and Amcor’s internal experts.

The AGU enables you to better understand Amcor’s business and helps to ensure the best match between your needs and our capabilities.

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