Ceramis® high barrier films

What is Ceramis®?

Ceramis® is a range of high barrier films which are produced by means of a special silicon oxide (SiOx) thin film coating technology developed by Amcor. This technology is used for demanding applications in both packaging and technical markets. Most Ceramis® films are highly transparent, but also matt and opaque versions are available. 

Leading producers of packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and technical markets are using our transparent Ceramis® high barrier films with complete confidence based on a proven track record.


Ceramis® high barrier films incorporate an inorganic barrier layer with a well balanced property profile. They exhibit outstanding barrier properties against gases and aromas - not only during and after sterilisation, but also under extreme climatic conditions. 

Ceramis® High Barrier films include different solutions for different applications and customer needs:


Ceramis®-PLA is a thermoplastic polymer made from the annually renewable resource corn. With our silicon oxide coating technology, PLA (polylactic acid) films are now available with a high barrier against oxygen and water vapour. Find out more »

SiOx coated films can be used for different types of technical applications. In some cases, the primary reason for applying the SiOx layer is not associated with barrier. In these instances, the SiOx layer serves as a protective surface or as a base layer for further coatings. Find out more »


Ceramis Coating technology

Ceramis® Sustainability

Ceramis® Technology

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