Flexible Hospital Packaging

  • Providing the packaging and supplies used by hospital sterilisation units around the world.

Flexibles Hospital

Amcor offers sterilisation packaging and other supplies used by hospital sterilisation units, from three manufacturing locations around the world.

AF SPS, based in Coulommiers France, is a complete solution provider to hospital sterilisation units, including products for both sterilisation and cleaning.  SPS products are sold in more than 80 countries, both direct to hospitals, and private labelled for distributors.

AF Mundelein, based in Illinois USA, offers the Tower® brand of sterilisation pouches & reels, and private labelling, to US-based hospital supply distributors.   

AF Brazil, based in Londrina Brazil, offers a complete line of sterilisation pouches and reels, in addition to sterilisation wraps and tapes, to local hospital supply distributors.

INTEGRApak System

INTEGRApak is the first dedicated pre-formed sterile barrier system designed to pack trays of surgical instruments and meet the requirements of the latest standard EN ISO 11607 Part 1 and 2. The INTEGRApak packing and sealing system reduces CSD processing costs and increases efficiency.

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