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Amcor sends 15 volunteers on Earthwatch expeditions to Greece, Australia and the USA


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Amcor, a global packaging leader, is sending 15 Amcor volunteers on scientific field expeditions to support environmental research programs as part of its sustainability program.

21th August 2013


Working hand in hand with the Earthwatch Institute, Amcor volunteers will support research programs that will help protect threatened dolphins in the Amvrakikos Gulf, Greece; the rivers of the California Delta, USA; and areas of the New South Wales coastline, Australia.

“For eleven years in a row, Amcor has been sending volunteers on scientific expeditions with Earthwatch,” said David Clark, Vice President Safety, Environment & Sustainability, Amcor Limited.

“The 70 expeditions Amcor has sponsored during this time have helped address pressing global environmental problems including climate change, ecosystem health and cultural heritage.

“Through the Earthwatch program, Amcor co-workers get to work beside world renowned scientists getting hands on experience tackling issues that matter to Amcor and the community.

“Through Amcor’s sponsorship of the program we hope to inspire and build a workforce of leaders who value the environment and prioritize it in their everyday choices, both at work and in their community,’ said Mr Clark.

“Earthwatch sincerely appreciates Amcor’s longstanding commitment to supporting scientific research around the world,” said Professor David McInnes, Chief Executive Officer, Earthwatch Australia.

“By providing this opportunity, Amcor demonstrates its determination to keep environmental awareness front of mind for its employees as it strives for sustainable business practices in its many businesses worldwide. 

“Earthwatch is delighted to be working with Amcor again for the eleventh year running,” said Professor McInnes.

Amcor’s 2013 volunteers will take part in the following Earthwatch research programs:

  1. Researching threats to dolphins in Greece:  Five Amcor volunteers will conduct daily boat based surveys of the local bottlenose dolphin population. After locating dolphins, the Amcor volunteers will follow them and record information on their numbers, group composition, behaviour, movement patterns and interactions with the area’s fishing industry.
  2. Protecting the rivers of California Delta:   Five Amcor volunteers will work along several rivers in the California Delta region collecting data that will help determine how the ecosystem is responding to restoration efforts. 
  3. Protecting News South Wales’ Coastline: Five Amcor volunteers will perform marine debris surveys with a focus on fishing industry debris.  Amcor volunteers will be helping to contribute to a growing body of data on the extent, type and impacts of marine debris along the Australian coastline.

Over the past 11 years, 117 Amcor employees representing 30 different countries have contributed more than 9,500 hours of research to help find solutions to a range of sustainability challenges, as part of the Earthwatch partnership.

The Amcor Earthwatch expeditions will take place during September and November this year.

Amcor selected the 2013 Earthwatch expedition volunteers based on their enthusiasm and commitment to the environment.   As part of its commitment to supporting diversity, the Amcor volunteers represent a mix of gender, age groups, nationalities and job occupations.

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