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Amcor Flexibles wins Overall Excellence and Product Preservation Alufoil Trophies


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Amcor Flexibles is proud to announce winning two Alufoil Trophies from the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA).

13th March 2012

Amcor Flexibles is proud to announce winning two Alufoil Trophies from the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA). The company received the Overall Excellence Award won with Amcor Canny in recognition of high scores in four of five categories - Marketing + Design, Consumer Convenience, Technical Innovation and Resource Efficiency - and the Product Preservation Award won with Amcor Formpack DessiflexTM Plus.

Amcor Canny is the fantastic result of over two years of development by Amcor Flexibles to produce the first wrinkle-free aluminium thin wall bowl. Primarily aimed at premium or indulgence food markets, it is designed to meet the needs of customer convenience for products which appeal to all ages.

Among the many practical and attractive product features, the bowl is smooth and pleasant to touch. With its easy peelable membrane it makes opening child's play and reduces spillage. The absence of sharp edges removes any risk of injury and makes Amcor Canny ideal for taking the food directly out of the bowl with the spoon or simply with fingers. The inside coating of Amcor Canny is BPA free formulated, unlike traditional food cans, which will undoubtedly be a major factor for companies currently concerned about the latest legislation developments in Europe. Furthermore, empty units are unestable, which can save up to 90% on space during transportation and storage.

The bowls can be easily compacted by hand to reduce the volume for disposal and are fully recyclable. Antoinette Devine, head of this year's judging panel and global packaging consultant for SABMiller explained, "This product had many attractive as well as practical features which made it stand out as an innovative alufoil product. It looks good, feels good to touch, is fully printed, as well as easy to open. In addition it is 30% lighter than traditional ring-pull aluminium bowls."

"To win an Overall Excellence Alufoil Trophy is a great reward for the Amcor Flexibles' team," commented Bertrand Jannon, Marketing Manager at Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas. "The initial feedback from both brand owners and consumers demonstrates the ability of Canny to combine a premium product image with improvement to the environmental footprint. This award is for us a confirmation of the iconic character of Canny in metal packaging."

Amcor Formpack DessiflexTM Plus won the second trophy in the category of Product Preservation on the improved and latest coldform blister, which stood out for its technical expertise and for offering better protection to sensitive tablets. "This product shows exceptional improvements in product preservation in a particularly difficult area of pharmaceutical production and demonstrates how an existing idea can be taken to a new, higher level," said Antoinette Devine.

In fact Formpack DessiflexTM Plus brings new standards of moisture control solutions for sensitive pharmaceutical tablets where shelf life and stability of the products are critical factors. Thanks to its higher capacity, the new Formpack Dessiflex can keep individual cavities dry, even in tropical conditions, for up to five years, which is well above the current requirement for an 18 month shelf life for such pharmaceutical products, i.e. the surplus capacity can be used to dry tablets in the cavity.

"The first generation of Dessiflex was already honoured five years ago with the Technical Innovation Alufoil Award. This new award is further recognition of our long history of innovation and our efforts to constantly offer better solutions to our customers", said Andrea Della Torre, R&D Pharma Director at Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas.

These two distinctions have undoubtedly proven once again Amcor Flexibles' commitment to innovation and technical competence in the implementation of innovative aluminium packaging with the aim of constantly trying to break new barriers for the industry that we serve.

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