Amcor Flexibles wins Gold and Silver at Annual Flexible Packaging Association Achievement Awards

Amcor Flexibles was the proud recipient of two awards at the Flexible Packaging Association’s (FPA) Annual Achievement Awards

27 February, 2013:  Amcor Flexibles was the proud recipient of two awards at the Flexible Packaging Association’s (FPA) Annual Achievement Awards held on 26 February 2013, in Naples, Florida. The FPA is the leading trade organization for flexible packaging converters and suppliers. The Annual Achievement Awards honor packaging and converting organizations that demonstrate breakthrough technologies, printing techniques, package structures, environmental advantages and new end-uses.

 “For Amcor Flexibles to be recognized for our great packaging solutions is an honor,” said Tom Cochran, Vice President and General Manager - Americas & Medical Europe, Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas. “Our customers continuously challenge us to develop packaging solutions that complement their new products, and we are proud to meet that challenge and grow together,” he added.

Amcor Flexibles received the Gold Award in the ‘Packaging Excellence’ category for its Amcor PushPop portion control package, serving the snack food market. “When a package and its contents can work together to create a memorable consumer experience, we have served our customers well,” said Art Castro, Vice President Sales & Marketing – Americas & Medical Europe,  Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas. 

Amcor PushPop adds a “fun factor” to portion control packaging. The packaging material and package design combine to provide an easy open, convenient package. Existing form-fill-seal equipment can be retrofitted at a modest cost to produce this gusseted pouch. The enhanced consumer experience of the opening feature supports the use of this portion control package as an element of a healthier approach to eating. The Amcor PushPop package is protected by Amcor in some geographies through patent applications and registrations.

Furthermore Amcor Flexibles received the Silver Award in the ‘Technical Innovation’ category for Amcor Dent Resistant - Compact Formpack®  serving the prescription and OTC blister pack markets. “Our R&D efforts are focused on innovations that offer benefits throughout the supply chain,” concluded Castro.

The newest Amcor Formpack® can be inserted without denting into an overpack designed for Child Resistance or Adherence/Compliance packaged medications.  Improved forming properties allow a deep draw without fracturing and a 10-20% decrease in individual cavity width/length. This results in up to a 10% reduction in the overall package size.  Amcor Dent Resistant -Compact Formpack® extends the use of flexible packaging to medications that are improving healthcare while containing costs.

The goal of the FPA Annual Achievement Awards is to showcase the diverse uses for flexible packaging: 127 entries were received this year, 25 packages were honored with achievement awards.

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